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Present: Anjan Reddy, Tilak Andhole, Dinesh Bhat, Vinith Poduval, Shakti Shukla, Damodhar Shankar, Pavan Kasulabada, Doraivelu Palanivelu, Kapil Rajvanshi, Ravikiran Reddy,.
Not Present: Kamaljit Paul, Anil Arora, Ravi Vir, Kanan Kumrah
Present:  Shakti Shukla, Dinesh Bhat, Damodhar Shankar, Ravi Kiran Reddy, Dorai Pallanivelu, Tilak Andhole, Pavan Kasulabada, Vinith Poduval, Anjan Reddy.
Not Present: Kapil Rajvanshi, Ravi Vir, Kapil Rajvanshi, Kamal Paul, Uma Mallela

Present: Anjan Reddy, Kapil Rajvanshi, Ravikiran Reddy, Tilak Andhole, Dinesh Bhat, Shakti Shukla, Doraivelu Palanivelu, Pavan Kasulabada, Ravi Vir, Damodhar Shankar, Vinith Poduval, Kanan Kumrah

Not Present: Uma Mallela, Kamaljit Paul

Quorum: Quorum to conduct normal business and voting was established



Meeting Note Taker: Kapil Rajvanshi

1. Approval of September and October 2017 meeting minutes:
BOD members unanimously approved September and October minutes of the meeting.

2. Temple Operations/Programs:
Following items were discussed:
⦁ Diwali celebration was a huge success. More than 350 devotees participated. Annual fund raising was successful as well.

3. Communication:
⦁ 12-page flip calendar will be prepared with major temple event dates. All dates need to be finalized by 11/30/17.
⦁ Murthi Sthapna project will be ending on 12/31/17. A final email should be sent reminding devotees for making donation towards the project since the project is closing soon. Kapil ji will send the email
⦁ Dorai ji will do a final reconciliation with pledges for Murthi Sthapna project and send individual emails to devotees who have made a pledge and have not paid yet.

4. Misc:
⦁ There is some additional cost for the fabrication and shipping of the updated arches. BOD approves up to $900 additional to be paid towards freight charges.

5. By Laws update:
⦁ By-Laws and articles of incorporation have been updates and filed by state.

6. Financial Reports and Approvals:
⦁ Temple Financials were reviewed and found satisfactory.
⦁ Reoccurring monthly donations needs to be pushed more. An email will be sent to devotees for making a pledge

As there were no other items in the agenda, the Chairman adjourned the meeting.



 Hwy 55 Road construction activity is scheduled between March 19, 2018 and end of October 2018. There may be ROAD CLOSED signs at the road near the temple. Please note that the Temple will be open as usual and devotees should be able to visit Temple. If a construction worker stops you, let them know that you are going to the Hindu Temple. Please exercise caution and be safe when driving thru the road construction.


The Hindu Temple of Northeast Wisconsin hosts a large number of events throughout the year.

We invite our members to join us for these events, to enjoy the camaraderie of the community and to learn and worship together at our Temple.

To view our events, see our full event list by clicking "Events" in the main menu above. In addition, the list in calendar form is also available for download as a PDF.


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