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Present:  Shakti Shukla, Dinesh Bhat, Damodhar Shankar, Ravi Kiran Reddy, Dorai Pallanivelu, Tilak Andhole, Pavan Kasulabada, Vinith Poduval, Anjan Reddy.
Not Present: Kapil Rajvanshi, Ravi Vir, Kapil Rajvanshi, Kamal Paul, Uma Mallela
Quorum: Quorum to conduct normal business was established.
Meeting Notes Taker: Anjan Reddy
1. Approval of May & June Meeting Minutes:
        - BOD members unanimously approved minutes of the May and June BOD meetings. 
2. Financial Reports and Approvals:
        - The financials for YTD were discussed and found satisfactory.
        - YTD Murthi Sthapana Project collections      $385,000
        - YTD Expenses                                                    $310,000
        - Expenses remaining to be paid,       Approx. $30,000 
3. Mandalabhishekam Celebration - July 22, 2017
        - Had a great celebration although several devotees came towards the later part of the event. Mangala Sutra 
         Puja was the highlight of the event with good participation by the devotees. Pt. Srinivasan ji, and the visiting 
         priests Pt. Shiva Rama Krishna from Milwaukee temple and the priest from New York did a good job. 
4. Srikrishna Janmashtami Celebration:
        - Board decided to celebrate the event on the actual day of Janmashtami on Monday, August 14th evening 
          rather than in the weekend on Saturday. This was deemed to be also as a test to see how many devotees 
        would come due to the week day and the next day being working day.
5. Food Preparation for temple events:
        - Board decided to establish and organize a certain number of volunteer groups to prepare food for the temple 
        sponsored events and Pandit ji would only prepare the " Navaidyam ". On occasion we may seek help from 
        Pandit ji if needed. Pavan ji took the responsibility to select and organize the volunteer groups. 
6. Mandap Closing:
        - Board has decided that on temple sponsored special events that occur in evening hours such as Sri Krishna
         janmashtami, Maha Shivaratri, Diwali, and Mata Chowki etc. to leave the Mandap open beyond 8:00 PM 
         until such time that the puja event inside the Mandir is concluded. The Priest is required to stay until the 
        conclusion of the event inside the puja mandir. 
7. Amended By Laws - Meeting with Attorney:
      - Dinesh, Tilak, Kapil, and Anjan are to meet with the Attorney soon for legal review and approval of the 
      amended By Laws. 
8. Board members who were present went inside the puja mandir and discussed about the new curtain to be 
    installed and the newly installed out of specification ( supplier mistake from India ) arches which are going to 
    be replaced with the new replacement arches ( at the supplier expense ) in September, 2017. 
As there were no other items in the agenda, the Chairman adjourned the meeting.
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