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Present: Anjan Reddy, Tilak Andhole, Dinesh Bhat, Vinith Poduval, Shakti Shukla, Damodhar Shankar, Pavan Kasulabada, Doraivelu Palanivelu, Kapil Rajvanshi, Ravikiran Reddy,.
Not Present: Kamaljit Paul, Anil Arora, Ravi Vir, Kanan Kumrah
Quorum: Quorum to conduct normal business was established.
Meeting Notes Taker: Pavan Kasulabada
1. Approval of November 2017 meeting minutes::
  • BOD unanimously approved November 18, 2017 meeting minutes. 
2. Temple Operations/Programs:
Following items discussed:
  • New year event Navagraha puja‐Satyanrayana katha was discussed. Anjan ji will provide food.
  • Food prep for weekends and events was discussed. Need to recruit volunteers, and discuss further in future meetings.
  • Religious policy‐Puja rate sheet will be updated and issued soon. Tilak Ji is working on this with Anjan Ji and Dinesh Ji.
  • Temple calendar for 2018 will be issued soon. Kapil Ji is working on this.
  • TVs will be installed soon. Water coolers/dispensers will also be installed soon. Tilak Ji is working on this.
3. Fund Raising:
  • BOD decided to push for $30/month recurring donation.
  • One final e‐mail regarding Murthi sthapana will go out soon, to solicit funds for project from people who are still interested. Project fund raising will close on 12‐31‐2017.
4. Financial Reports and Approvals:
  • The Temple Operational financials for YTD were reviewed and found satisfactory.
  • Year 2016 financial Auditing by Hjortness & Associates, document presented to BOD. Document approved unanimously by BOD.
5. Communication:
  • Communication strategies (e‐mail, website, facebook, etc) were discussed and potential improvements were discussed.
  • This is on-going effort. Kapil Ji, Pavan Ji, Dorai Ji, will be working on this.
As there were no other items in the agenda, the Chairman adjourned the meeting.
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