BOD Member  Phone  Email
 Shakti Shukla (Board - Chairperson)  (92O) 730-4O14  shaktishukla at gmail.c0m
 Pavan Kasulabada (Executive Committee President)  (92O) 629-4356  Pavan.kasulabada at gmail.c0m
 Dr. Ravikiran Reddy   (92O) 53O-4889  ravikiranreddyk at gmail.c0m
 Ramarao Karpe   (3l7) 332-7292 rama.karpe at gmail.c0m
 Vinith Poduval  (920) 737-4O95  vinith_poduval at hotmail.c0m
 Kapil Rajvanshi  (92O) 3O9-2946  krajvanshi at gmail.c0m
 Datta Mislankar (Secretary)  (92O) 851-0124  dattamislankar at gmail.c0m
 Rama Krishna Rimmalapudi  (312) 375-996O  rama.rimmalapudi at gmail.c0m 
 Sonu Pareek (Executive Committee  Vice-President)  (92O) 948-1874  sonupareek71 at gmail.c0m
 Srikkanth Srinivasaragavan  (646) 3O9-1155   srikkanth.s at gmail. c0m
 Dr. Richa Aggarwal  (7l7) 439-6292  docrics at gmail.c0m
 Rajan Chopra  (92O) 216-19OO   chopraraja93 at gmail.cOm
 Anil Tiwari    aniltiw at hotmail.c0m


Executive Member

 Member  Phone  Email
Deepak Sreedharan (Treasurer) (920) 544-245l  pgsdeepak at gmail.c0m 


Honorary Advisors to Board

 Advisor  Phone  Email
 Tilak Andhole   (920) 205-OO42  tilak at andhole.c0m
Doraivelu Palanivelu
 (920) 205-15O9 dpalanivelu at gmail.c0m 


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