Shiva Abhishekam


Program Details 

06:30 PM - Sankalpam (for online registrations), Shiva Abhishekam followed by Archana and Aarati

You can register and pay online for the Sponsorship / Puja you would like to perform.  Pandit Ji will perform Puja with your Gotra, Nakshtra and Family Names.

We would really appreciate your support to your temple during these times. Please consider making a donation to the temple in any amount comfortable. For your convenience, you can donate online using Credit Card or mail or drop a check:


Sponsorship Donation What Devotee gets?
Shiva Abhishekam Year Sponsor $1001 Monday Abhishekam Puja for 1 Year
Shiva Abhishekam 6 Month Sponsor $501 Monday Abhishekam Puja for 6 Months
Shiva Abhishekam 3 Month Sponsor $251 Monday Abhishekam Puja for 3 Months
Sankalpam $31 Monday Sankalpam Puja


If you would like to Pledge, please click here.

Shiva Abhishekam Sponsorship Registration

You can register and pay online for the Sponsorship / Puja which you like to perform. Please select Sponsorship / Puja you would like to sponsor and enter Gotra, Names and Nakshatra for all your family members in the same order. Please make sure you enter names how you pronounce.  Pandi Ji will perform Puja with your Gotra Namas


Please Note: Due to current COVID-19 (Corona Virus)  situation, temple currently closed. Pundit ji will perform Puja and telecast live on Facebook. We request all devotees to stay home and be safe, per government recommendations. Please follow guidelines from the CDC and keep yourself and your families safe. Kindly be extra vigilant if you have elderly people at home or those with pre-existing conditions as described by the CDC.